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Do Stormy Daniels’ Beliefs in the Paranormal Make Her Unfit to Testify in Lawsuit Against Her Former Attorney?

…ompetently testify.” The document goes on to specify that these claims involve things Daniels has said in interviews about paranormal investigation, psychic practices, and practicing witchcraft. In a June 2021 Facebook post, Daniels replied: “Let me get this straight… They are going to use my religious belie[fs] and profession to discriminate against me…” I should note that Avenatti’s lawyers probably don’t care what her beliefs actually indicate…

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Catholics Across the Globe Reject Vatican’s LGBTQ Cruelty — Others Blame the Sock

…luding Pope Francis who “was informed and gave his assent” to the March 15, 2021 document that set off a firestorm. The Vatican’s ban on same-sex blessings was hardly a surprise to those who keep an eye on all things Roman, as I try to do in this space. What amazes are the many and varied ways some Catholics try to explain and excuse a statement that is perfectly consistent with current institutional church teaching. The welcome surprise is the st…

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Sacrificing Children on the Altar of Religious Freedom: A Flood of Mask and Vaccine Lawsuits are Warping ‘Religious Freedom’

…religious freedom harming third parties seems more complicated when it involves children, as these lawsuits do. But, like Abraham and Isaac, they’re easy cases despite the arguments of the “pro-life,” anti-vaxx, anti-mask crowd. The new anti-vaxxing lawsuit claims, among other things, that the District of Columbia’s law allowing children to be vaccinated without the knowledge of their parents or against the wishes of their parents, violates their…

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Gen Z is Turning Away From Religion in Order to Live Out Their Values

…ustice, and more. This is according to The State of Religion & Young People 2021 from Springtide Research Institute, where I serve as Executive Director, which surveyed over 10,000 young people between the ages of 13-25 about their spirituality. This disconnect in values is likely a major reason why, although 71% of young people told us they’re at least slightly religious, only 16% said they turn to someone from their religious community during ch…

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‘How Pentecostal Christianity Is Taking Over the World’: An Interview with Author Elle Hardy

…tructures, such as the Family Research Council. Pentecostals might get involved with such groups too, but they’re also out there doing their own thing. They take the view that we’re in God’s advancing kingdom—go out there and do whatever you can. Prayer walk through the red-light district to cast out the demons; stop that woman in her wheelchair and command her to be healed in Jesus’ name. There’s also a spirit of innovation at play. Leaders of ma…

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Who’s ‘Really’ Jewish: the Sefardi Floridian, the Ashkenazi Californian, or the New York Jew By Choice? ‘Authenticity’ is a Trap

…gle one of the top 28 earning Jewish non-profit executives were men, and in 2021 still 16 of the 17 largest Jewish federations are led by men. According to the Reform Pay Equity Initiative, women still earn just four-fifths of what their male counterparts do within Jewish institutions. Rabbis are the highest paid clergy in America. Together, those data show just how much the subjective notion of authenticity conforms to the contours of power. Yet…

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