Pop Star Ke$ha Punks Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church’s latest hijinks took them to Lincoln, Nebraska this past Sunday to protest Ke$ha’s Warrior Tour and to “[pray] for the curses of baldness, burning & stink” to fall upon the pop star (and ordained minister) who’s made no secret of being bisexual, in favor of same sex marriage, and “a huge fan of the transgender community.” 

But as the WBC belted out its parody of Kesha’s gay anthem “We R Who We R,” a trio of her backup dancers joined in

In case you couldn’t hear, WBC members sang:

Your hearts are turning hard
God smacks this world of ours
He’ll tear it all apart
You think you’re superstars
God hates who you are!
Your proud and Bible dumb
Your consciences are numb
In God’s eyes you are dung
You think you’re superstars
God hates who you are!

Bonus! Turns out the WBC has literally dozens of parodies you can listen to on its website, everything from Rogers and Hammerstein to Miley Cyrus. What strikes you about these parodies is how intimate someone at the church must be with all these pop-cultural products to recreate them so, uh, faithfully. Just makes you wonder.

h/t: RNS’ David Gibson