Pro-LGBT Catholics Call on Church, KOC, to Sever Ties with NOM

In the wake of revelations about the National Organization for Marriage’s racial wedge strategy, the pro-LGBT coalition of Catholics, Equally Blessed, is calling on the Church and the Knights of Columbus to sever ties with the organization.

NOM’s anti-gay-marriage “Not a Civil Right” project included a plan to “to drive a wedge between gays and blacks – two key Democratic constituencies.” The document made clear a plan to target Latinos as well, to “interrupt the process of assimilation” to pro-gay values and make “support for marriage a key badge of Latino identity.” The strategy included a plan to “expose Obama as a social radical.” 

The stategy document, uncovered by the Human Rights Campaign earlier this week, noted that NOM would use its “close relationships with Catholic bishops to equip, energize, and moralize Catholic priests on the marriage issue.” 

According to the HRC, NOM has received financial and other backing from the Knights of Columbus, Catholic dioceses, and bishops.

Equally Blessed has started a campaign on Twitter, #CatholicNoToNOM, calling on these groups to disassociate themselves from NOM.