Ralph Reed’s $30 Million Battle Plan

Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition is hosting its first Conference and Strategy Briefing in Washington starting tomorrow, and he’s billing it as “the conservative event of the year that you don’t want to miss.” He’s got a lot of competition: over the weekend tea partiers will be converging on Washington for the Unite In Action March on DC and FreedomWorks is organizing the 9/12 March. And the following week is the Values Voters Summit, where religious right powerhouses will be holding a presidential straw poll, a preview of which possible 2012 GOP candidates capture their imaginations.

Reed promises that his event will “chart our road to victory as we enter the final weeks before the most important election of our lifetimes.” In an email to Faith and Freedom Coalition supporters, he says he is in “urgent need of donations to fully fund the final phase of the $30 MILLION Battle Plan we are putting in place to generate a record-breaking turnout of conservative, Christian and pro-freedom voters for the elections on November 2.”

In March, I wrote about how the Faith and Freedom Coalition was unfolding in the states by aiming to marry tea party activists with the religious right. You can read that report here.