RD on CNN: Why This Has Been a Great Week for American Muslims

RD senior correspondent Haroon Moghul on CNN talks Trump, Ben Carson, Ahmed Mohamed, and why American Muslims just can’t be who they are. Read Haroon’s latest, Protocols of the Elders of Mecca: Hints of Anti-Semitic Playbook in Glenn Beck’s Islamophobia.


  • janfranszuidema@hotmail.com' Janfrans Zuidema says:

    Ahmed Mohamed has destroyed the reputation of American Muslims. The PC brigade now know that they’ve been fooled by him, his family and CAIR and for the Islamophobes it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Check out the reactions on youtube towards this genius Muslim wonderboy. People cannot stop laughing.

    Great week!

  • thinkingcriminal@gmail.com' Camera Obscura says:

    For crying out loud. HE’S A 14-YEAR-OLD BOY. He has no obligation to bear the burden of either peoples’ bigotry or their hopes and dreams. Leave him alone.

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