Secret Treasure, Bible’s Real Housewives, & ‘Dear Lord, please don’t let me f-up’

Nothing good on TV? Check out the Real Housewives of the Bible on DVD. If you’re across the pond, check out the BBC’s three-part documentary The Life of Muhammad slated for later this month.

Chinese officials are conflicted over how to deal with the rise of Christianity in China.

Investigators found billions of dollars worth of treasure in the vaults beneath a southern Indian temple. The Vatican is opening up its Secret Archives to reveal 100 previously unseen documents to the public. The documents cover the period of Pope Pius XII’s World War II papacy and the trial of Galileo. Speaking of Pius XII, a woman has claimed he miraculously cured her lymphoma, encouraging those in favor of the controversial Pope’s sainthood.

Shepard’s prayer, “Dear Lord, please don’t let me f-up,” was possibly the first to be uttered in space. Is space travel a spiritual experience, then?

The Church of England has temporarily barred gay priests with partners from appointment as bishops while it figures out what to do long-term. Civil unions are now legal in Illinois, and that has put the state’s authorities at odds with Catholic Charities who do not want to offer adoption to same-sex partners. A bill in California that would integrate LGBT history into the social studies curriculum sits on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. Conservative religious groups are hoping and praying he won’t sign it. A conservative group in Iowa hopes candidates will sign its “Marriage Vow” which includes promises that candidates will oppose gay marriage and remain faithful to their spouses.

The embattled Crystal Cathedral has voted founder Robert H. Schuller off of the church’s board and may become a Catholic cathedral.  

The Dalai Lama turned 76 on Wednesday while visiting Washington DC. Meanwhile, authorities in Nepal banned Tibetans from celebrating his birthday with public rallies.

In Korea, folks are taking a trial run at dying.

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