Seventh-Day Smackdown!

Without having a particular dog in the fight (other than being decidedly yet generically pro-women-in-ministry), I do wish that more religious bodies would adopt this stance. The Seventh Day Adventists’ Southeastern California Conference Executive Committee has a beef with evangelist Doug Batchelor over the ordination of women. They told him exactly what they thought he did wrong, and listed scriptural citations to support their position.

Too often, church people try to step around real conflict with mushy criticism “offered in a spirit of reconciliation and dialogue.” It’s healthier and more efficient sometimes to spell out simply and directly what it is that you think people have done wrong, and why. That way it can be discussed openly and honestly and without a lot of passive-aggressive nonsense.

Extra points for marshaling scriptural evidence, while we’re at it. Yes, there are many ways to read the Bible, but some are better supported than others. There’s no point in pretending otherwise. Pastors in particular should be ready to defend their interpretations.

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