Sex Is More Fun than Lying

I’m taking some time off this week, so my blogging will be light or possibly nonexistent. So I’ll leave you with the latest religion Bloggingheads which I taped earlier this week with Michael Brendan Dougherty of the American Conservative. We discussed Michael’s new cover story on religion and the Tea Party (a topic RD readers are certainly familiar with), although we delved into some of the foreign policy divides within religious conservatism — basically the Armadeggon-ites versus the non-interventionists.

We also discussed the Republican effort to defund Planned Parenthood, and whether the GOP leadership pushing this assault is out of step with its contraceptive-using base. (Hence the title: Michael, in noting that religious women may be having sex outside of marriage and using contraception, in spite of Vatican teaching that both are sin, noted that people lie even though that’s a sin, too. I had a little retort to that.)

There’s a bonus at the end, too: Michael, a traditionalist Catholic, makes the case against beatification of Pope John Paul II. Watch:

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