“Simmering anger may drive religious right back to polls”

and other jokes.

My editor is probably going to tell me that I need a long quote from the story to give you the gist of it, but really, it’s not necessary. You and I both have probably read it in a thousand different forms already. Tony Perkins says the Republicans better take religious conservatives seriously, Karl Rove thinks millions of evangelicals stayed home in 2000, Gary Bauer says there’s lots of energy on the Christian right, some black pastor says he’s going to keep up the fight against the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell no matter what any ding-dang government tells him, blah blah blah. Every election season, the Washington Times dusts off their file and runs the same story with enough updated quotes to gull the unsuspecting into believing it’s news. It’s like Pravda, except owned by the Moonies and hemorrhaging money.

I will however point out one particular section of the piece:

Mr. Dobson initially endorsed Mr. Paul’s opponent, but switched his backing in the days before the primary, saying that “senior members of the GOP” had misled him on Mr. Paul’s stand on abortion. Mr. Dobson hasn’t disclosed who exactly misinformed him and what he was told, but his aren’t the only criticisms of the GOP leadership in Washington.

Once again, James Dobson demonstrates his propensity for backing the wrong horse. Follow the link to find out just how many times he’s wound up with egg on his face.