Straight People Eat Cake

A photo accompanying this News & Observer story about the passage of Amendment 1 last night in North Carolina shows two women hugging next to a poster of Billy Graham’s endorsement of the discriminatory provision now to be enshrined in the state’s constitution. Look at how relieved the women look. They’ve saved civilization!


What do you do when you’ve rescued North Carolina from the gays? Make your victory party like a wedding reception [see image left]:

About 250 amendment supporters crowded a ballroom at the Hilton North Raleigh for the celebration that was part standard-issue campaign victory party and part wedding reception.

There was a cash bar, and music that included love songs. The centerpiece was a seven-tier white wedding cake, capped by a plastic heterosexual couple embracing.

After the Associated Press declared that the amendment would pass, Tami Fitzgerald, the Vote for Marriage chairwoman, took the stage to thank the churches, political groups and other volunteers who had helped deliver the win.

“Ladies and gentlemen, through God’s great mercy we have won an overwhelming victory tonight,” she said.

The voters, she said, sent a clear and unmistakable desire to “protect marriage in our state, in our country.

“As you all know, marriage was not invented by government. Our creator established it as the union of a man and a woman in an exclusive lifelong covenant and it has merely been recognized by government as the key to a strong and flourishing society.”


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