Ted Cruz, “Natural Born Citizen”

Ted Cruz, lately of the Joe McCarthy school of questioning at a Congressional hearing, wants to run for president. Robert Costa at the National Review had the lowdown yesterday, which includes the sort of inconvenient fact that Cruz was born in Canada. Canada! Land of socialist health care and such.

But Cruz apparently isn’t concerned that anyone will birther him:

Cruz isn’t worried that his birth certificate will be a problem. Though he was born in Canada, he and his advisers are confident that they could win any legal battle over his eligibility. Cruz’s mother was a U.S. citizen when he was born, and he considers himself to be a natural-born citizen.

Get it? Barack Obama, while actually born in the United States, is not a natural born citizen, a term used by conspiratorial conservatives who claim that the birth certificate doesn’t matter; what matters is the “loyalty” of one’s parents to America and the Constitution. What’s their source for this novel theory? The Book of Deuteronomy.