Texas History: Ignoring the Experts, Round 2

The Texas Board of Education begins another round of deliberations starting today on the state’s social studies curriculum standards for its public schools. The board will take final action on the proposed changes in May.

In the January deliberations, board members proposed a litany of amendments to the draft history curriculum that the writing committee of teachers, scholars and community members had spent almost a year writing. The Texas Freedom Network will be live blogging the events, which begin at 11 a.m. 

In the meantime, the San Antonio Express News has a piece Does State Board Need a History Test, that provides a nice highlight list of ignorance exhibited in the last round of deliberations in January. Conservative board members have been trying to rewrite the curriculum to portray the United States as a Christian nation.

In January, the board also voted to change curriculum wording about Sen. Joseph McCarthy, saying that he has been “vindicated” by history.