The GOP Primary Capsule, Countown Four Days to the Rapture

With God telling Mike Huckabee to get out of the GOP presidential race, and Donald Trump telling himself to get out, there’s a vacuum: who’s going to attract Huckabee’s religious conservative voters and the high income bracket conspiracy theorists?

Over at the American Prospect today, I have a piece detailing all the things the GOP establishment didn’t like about Huckabee—including his too-overt religiosity. What, you say? Doesn’t the GOP love need the religious right? Yes, but not too much.

Already Iowa voters are turning on Newt Gingrich — the latest viral video is an Iowan, angry about Gingrich’s criticism of Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan (something Gingrich has since spinelessly walked back from). The voter tells Gingrich, “Why don’t you get out before you make a bigger fool of yourself?” That’s obviously never been a consideration for Gingrich.

Speaking of not being able to stop himself, Gingrich plans more repentant discussion of his personal life. Gingrich’s advocacy group, Renewing American Leadership (never say these people don’t have an ironic sense of self-deprecation!) is up in arms about boys and girls wrestling together. Because that’s going to cause the downfall of civilization.

It turns out, though, that Gingrich might meet the same kiss of death as Huckabee: the Club for Growth is none too pleased with his spend-y ways. (At Tiffany’s, too.) Perhaps Gingrich won’t call them the “Club for Greed” as Huckabee did, but still. You read it here: the Ryan criticism and his long record of spending: kiss of death. More than the three wives.

Mitt Romney raised $10 million in one day. Michele Bachmann thinks that because the Constitution doesn’t mention potatoes, public schools should not decide that kids should eat less of them in favor of vegetables that have more color and nutrients. Tim Pawlenty is excited, but still not exciting. Ron Paul is still Ron Paul. Herman Cain gave a predictable speech about the Declaration of Independence. I still think Sarah Palin won’t run.

Any questions?