The Mormon Girl’s Guide to Equal Opportunity in the Workplace

1. Obtain three-ring binder.

2. Scour Pinterest for engaging binder design concepts.

3. Hand-quilt cover. Pipe edges. Applique flowers. Counted cross-stitch optional. (Sample below.)

4.  Spend decades getting all the education and experience you can while devising ingenious workarounds and coping strategies for challenges like gendered pay disparities ($.77 on the dollar), limited access to reliable, affordable child care, absence of paid maternity leave (the U.S. being one of three nations in the world not to guarantee it), and history of religious teachings in your own tradition against women working outside the home.

5. Type up letter-perfect resume. In a pleasing font.

6. Place resume in hand-quilted, appliquéd binder.

7. Leave the binder somewhere important.

8. Wait for Beneficent and Powerful Father Figure to pick you to work for him.