The Return of Government as “Idolatry” and the “Second Amendment Remedies”

Remember last year’s Tea Party candidate who argued that government programs to help the poor were idolatrous, the same one who suggested “Second Amendment remedies to turn this country around?” I’ll give you a hint: she continued with the assertion that “the first thing we need to do is take Harry Reid out.”

She’s baaack.

When Nevada Senator John Ensign abruptly resigned amidst a scandal, he started speculation about a game of musical chairs resulting from the appointment of his replacement. Republican Governor Brian Sandoval announced that he will appoint Republican Rep. Dean Heller to the position, leaving his congressional seat empty.

And Sharron Angle is running.

Apparently Nevada has not had a special election at the congressional level so there is some confusion as to whether there will be a primary or whether there will be an open election.

According to pundits, if there is an open election it would favor Angle, but if there is a primary or a party selection process it’s unlikely that party officials will choose Angle after she repeatedly sabotaged herself in the race with the unpopular Reid. If you’ve forgotten, you can read the “Ten Most Ridiculous Sharron Angle Quotes” here. There is also speculation that, if she is passed over in a nominating process, Angle might run as an independent (the Constitution Party?).

Angle has not been just sitting around since last fall. She has been out and about in early presidential primary states (South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Iowa) promoting a creationist film called The Genesis Code, and holding fundraising receptions. The moralistic film follows an unbelieving hockey player and a Christian journalism student who struggle with “reconciling their scientific studies and what’s taught in the Bible” as he falls for her and she uses their relationship to “guide” him “toward God.” You can read a “pro-family” review here that warns of sex (kissing) and nudity (a painting of Adam and Eve that shows Eve’s breast).

When asked if she was exploring a presidential campaign in Iowa, Angle replied that she was investigating her options. She has since said she is not promoting the film because she is running for president—though is not the same as saying she is not running. For now it looks like she’ll focus on the congressional race, but in any case she seems intent on insuring that she remains a player, at least in, Tea Party circles.