Top Ten Reasons to Give to RD

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Top Ten Reasons to Support RD

#10:  3/4 of Americans give to religion itself, but not to journalism that focuses on religion.

#9:  You still read books, even though they are the ultimate in “longform”.

#8:  The world is actually NOT about to end and you would like something to read in the meantime.

#7:  Sarah Posner, Joanna Brooks, Haroon Moghul, Candace Chellew-Hodge, Anthea Butler, Jay Michaelson—and so many more fine and thoughtful writers.

#6:  You are interested in sex…and sexualit(ies), and gender, and religion and social justice.

#5:  You might want to be pope some day and you’re interested in how Francis has won such huge popular appeal.

#4:  Unfortunately, there is no Santa Claus.

#3:  It’s a vast universe and there’s surely a God out there somewhere.

#2:  It’s a vast, utterly empty universe, except for this big, life-filled world.

#1:  RD depends on its readers.

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