Vatican Idol?

This morning, as we celebrate Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year here in the United States, the Vatican held a press conference that may have you adding one more item to your Christmas wish list.

The press conference announced the release of a new album recorded by Placido Domingo, one of the famous Three Tenors. The songs on the album—titled Amore Infinito (Infinite Love)—were inspired by the poetry of Karol Wojtyla, better known to most as Pope John Paul II.

Bishop Giampaolo Crepali, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, commented on the album:

Listening to these songs, so magnificently interpreted by Placido Domingo and the London Symphony Orchestra, brings back the memory of John Paul II and of an entire life, frequently marked by dramatic episodes, lived with a passion for God and for man. What is the secret of this ‘Wojtylian’ poetic, which he translated into so many poetical texts?” asked the bishop. “For John Paul II everything begins with God’s ‘yes’ to man, everything arises from God’s plan of ‘infinite love’. God’s ‘yes’ to man means ‘yes’ to his dignity, to his authentic needs. It means ‘yes’ to the world … and to everything that is beautiful, good and just in life.

The 12-track album is said to include duets with Vanessa Williams, Andrea Bocelli and Domingo’s son, Placido Domingo Jr. One Vatican official remarked that the album had a “classical pop” feel.

The Vatican Press published two collections of JPII’s poetry just two years before his death.

JPII also compiled and released several albums during his pontifical tenure—most notably Abba Pater which was released in 1999. While JPII’s musical endeavors never brought the Vatican any great success in the music industry, perhaps Domingo will finally bring the Vatican a Grammy and maybe a few dollars as well. (We’ll just forget about that new mortal sin called “excessive wealth” for right now.)

If you are rushing to to purchase this musical wonder, don’t be surprised if you can’t find it. While it is on sale today in Italy and Mexico, it won’t go worldwide until January. However, surely in the coming weeks, you will be able to have it shipped overseas just in time for the holidays.

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