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Religion Dispatches, your favorite indie religion site (and go-to source for awkward dinner conversation starters) is nominated for a 2015 Webby Award in the Religion & Spirituality category.

We are thrilled! The Webbys are the Oscars of the Internet. We’ve been honored with a Webby nomination a number of times before and it never gets old. But… we confess we’re starting to nurture a bit of a Susan Lucci complex — always a nominee, never (yet) a winner. In the past we’ve lost to much larger media outlets (such as the public network that rhymes with “Zee Bee Ess”) and this year are up against the likes of Krista Tippett’s “On Being” and others.

So, here’s where you come in:bug_00

We want (and need) your vote in the Webby’s People’s Voice contest. It only takes a minute to cast a ballot. (And if you have a Facebook or Twitter, two clicks and you’re done!)

Wev’e also set up a nifty Thunderclap as a follow-up to your vote. Super easy, super quick.

Just click on the link, click again to connect your Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook accounts (or, even better, all three), and BOOM! An automatic follow-up tweet or update will be posted for you on April 14 saying you’ve voted for RD in the Webby Awards.

While we’d love your vote (and thunderclap), we also wanted to take this opportunity to say a hearty


Thank you for reading, for thinking hard, and for asking the big questions right along with us, year after year.

Here’s that voting link again: VOTE FOR RD!

Deep bows of gratitude,

The Editors




  • reedjim51@gmail.com' Jim Reed says:

    RD may be better than Krista Tippett, but she is a hundred times bigger. I don’t see how you could have any chance.

  • Lisa says:

    Et tu, Jim? 🙂

  • whistling.girl2910@gmail.com' pennyroyal says:

    well, I voted.

  • anonymized-1956222839@disqus.com' Guest says:

    ★★★★ I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak15:



  • anonymized-1964841431@disqus.com' Guest says:

    ➢➢➢➢I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak4:




  • phatkhat@centurylink.net' phatkhat says:

    I voted, and I wish I could quit getting bombarded with the “vote for us” message. I almost voted for “Religion & Politics” from Wash U. Looks like a really good site. I signed up for their newsletter, too. If I don’t get bombarded with “vote for us” messages from them next year, I WILL vote for them. This is like the incessant begging for money from the DSCC or DSC, even though I contributed 2 hours ago.

  • reedjim51@gmail.com' Jim Reed says:

    RD was in 2nd place, and now is dropping. I guess that means the RD voters are more enthusiastic and early voted, and as time drags on the big guys pass it.

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