Week in Religion: Satan Sandwich, Captain Israel v. Foreskin Man, Christian Missile Launchers

According to a new Gallup survey, Muslims are the most optimistic religious group in the country. Meanwhile, another survey finds that women are walking away from religion.

An Iranian woman, who was the victim of an acid attack, stopped the ‘eye for an eye’ punishment that would have blinded her attacker.

The LDS has built a replica of biblical Jerusalem in rural Utah as a set for a series of educational films about the life of Jesus. Utah State University is conducting a study on the experiences of gay Mormons. Also, the Mormon Defense League has been launched to combat anti-Mormonism in the media.

In case you need them, here are some tips on Ramadan etiquette.

The Crystal Cathedral is trying to raise money to cover its $50 million debt and says the megachurch building is no longer up for sale. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver labeled the U.S. debt ceiling deal a “sugar-coated Satan sandwich” in my favorite tweet of the week.

In Chicago, liberal Catholics are picking up the fight for women’s ordination. German nuns are baking thousands of communion wafers in preparation for Pope Benedict’s visit. While a ranch run by monks in North Dakota has run short of work hands.

In the comic book superhero circumcision battle of the century, Captain Israel takes on Foreskin Man.

Looking for some clerical training? A couple of reitirees in Oklahoma run an online Bible college, the Apostolic Faith Online Bible Institute. A study finds that more education does not drive you away from religion, but instead liberalizes your religious beliefs.

Israel’s basketball league is attracting Jewish American players skipped over by the NBA. Florida Marlins baseball manager Jack McKeon prays to St. Thérèse during the national anthem before every game.

Do you speak the Christian lingo? The Air Force has suspended an ethics briefing for missile launch commanders that relied heavily on Christian doctrines.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art will exhibit a set of Rembrandt’s paintings of Jesus that have hitherto never been displayed together.

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