What are We Going to do About American Women?

Excerpt from an [insert Foreign Religious Group member]’s diary:

It’s a dilemma, really.

American women are an oppressed population. A million teenage girls are forced into motherhood each year. Even the youngest girls wear “sexy” clothing because they feel unworthy unless boys/men desire them. Women and young girls are sold on streets, in magazines, and on the internet. Pimps and porn industry owners claim that these women are “free” to choose to sell their wares. They’re objectified, raped, pimped, and battered. A million women are raped each year. Millions of women are battered.

How do we know this? We see it rooted in scriptural language about women. We see it in statistics. We see it loud and clear—in Hollywood movies, in Vogue, in Cosmopolitan, in Sex and the City, and on the street corners of New York City. We know. Everyone knows.

American women need help. They are so victimized that they suffer themselves to be treated like objects and toys, desiring no change. Their false consciousness prevents them from criticizing their situation. They should aspire to be protected rather than exposed, clothed rather than stripped naked for every purchaser. They should expect to be given privacy from the hunter-male gaze.

We have to liberate them. We have to let them know that their way of life is evil at its core. Years of subjugation and conditioning have rendered them incapable of desiring something better. We have to empower them to hate their civilization, their culture, their people, their norms of gender and sex.

Yes, I appreciate that it is an enormous undertaking, but since what we have to offer is so much better, surely it cannot be that hard. We have to teach them that they should abandon the men they trust and obey. All of them—the men who run the fashion industry, the movie industry, the men who date-rape them, the fathers who send them on prom dates, the husbands who batter them, the employers who don’t respect their maternal duties, the economic world that treats them like donkeys, the capitalists that pretend they have no family responsibilities—all of them.

It’s possible we will have to take a more serious stand and take up arms against the society that abuses women in these ways. But the oppressed women of America deserve a chance. We have to offer them the opportunity. In fact, once we have killed off a bunch of these men, things will be better for American women. They will be grateful to our boys for emancipating them from a destructive lifestyle. They will flock to us seeking security and guidance. We are their only hope. They know not, and they cannot help themselves. It’s up to us.

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