Which Hogwarts House would Jesus be in? Or would He be in a Walmart Receipt?

GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain claims that communities have a right to ban mosques, First Amendment be damned. Meanwhile, more congregations are setting up (and quickly taking down) temporary churches in school buildings. Here’s a helpful timeline of the GOP candidate Michele Bachmann’s move from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod to a Baptist megachurch. I’m not sure why it’s news, but, the Obamas went to church. President Obama also met with the Dalai Lama. China did not like it.

You probably bought your Bible from Rupert Murdoch. According to a new survey, reading the Bible will make you more concerned about poverty, the environment, and civil liberties.

Though some find the hubbub surrounding the new Harry Potter flick diabolical, at least one theologian is asking the tough questions about Hogwarts. What Hogwarts house would Jesus be in? The answer is Hufflepuff.

Cardinal Justin Rigali retired from his post in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in the wake of a sex abuse scandal. He has been replaced by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver. 

A Muslim man shot in the face by a man in an anti-Islamic rage says he forgives the shooter and tried to stop his execution.

A federal judge has ruled that Dixie County Florida must remove its Ten Commandments monument from the courthouse steps. It has been there since 2006. Another judge ruled that a group of devout and vegetarian Hindus in New Jersey could sue a restaurant that accidentally served them meat. The Hindus want the restaurant to pay for their trip to India to perform cleansing rituals for the carnivorous gaffe. 

Is Chain World a video game, a religion, or both?

A couple in South Carolina saw the face of Jesus in their Walmart receipt. Jesus saves, indeed. Christ will no longer be a part of Campus Crusade for Christ. The evangelical college ministry is changing its name to Cru. Which sounds like a restaurant. 

Are the New Atheists woman haters?

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