Who’s Afraid of God? Video of the Netroots Nation Church-State Panel

To accompany RD’s roundtable on rethinking the progressive position on church-state separation (watch for it on Tuesday) we present the video of the last month’s Netroots Nation panel. Below is the NN description. Watch the video after the jump.

The old liberal vision of a total separation of religion from politics has been discredited. Despite growing secularization, a secular progressive majority is still impossible, and a new two-part approach is needed—one that first admits that there is no political wall of separation. Voters must be allowed, without criticism, to propose policies based on religious belief. But, when government speaks and acts, messages must be universal. The burden is on religious believers, therefore, to explain public references like “under God” in universal terms. For example, the word “God” can refer to the ceaseless creativity of the universe and the objective validity of human rights. Promoting and accepting religious images as universal will help heal culture-war divisions and promote the formation of a broad-based progressive coalition.