Will Huckabee’s Ovens Comment Be the End of His Candidacy?

Alright, Governor Huckabee, since you asked. . .

After Mike Huckabee, who portrays himself as perhaps the most loyal friend Israel has in American politics, told Breitbart News that President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven,” Israelis and American Jews were justifiably horrified. The Anti-Defamation League called the presidential hopeful’s comments “completely out of line and unacceptable;” the National Jewish Democratic Council said the comments were “not only disgustingly offensive to the President and the White House, but shows utter, callous disregard for the millions of lives lost in the Shoah and to the pain still felt by their descendants today,” adding his words “may be the most inexcusable we’ve encountered in recent memory.”

Objections were hardly partisan. Former U.S. ambassador to Israel, Daniel Kurtzer, who served under former President George W. Bush, said Huckabee’s remarks were “outrageous,” telling MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, “for anybody to equate what the president’s doing to what Adolph Hitler did in World War II is just extraordinary.” But Kurtzer didn’t stop there: “in some ways,” he added, “it’s a form of incitement . . . the same kind of incitement against Yitzhak Rabin and that led to a tragic outcome,” referring to the 1995 assassination of the Israeli prime minister by a Jewish extremist.

As Ed Kilgore notes, “Huckabee has a remarkably intimate relationship with the Holocaust as he sees it, and has been prone to violating the unwritten rule against Holocaust analogies for years.” Not just the Obama-is-the-next-Chamberlain-and-Iran-is-the-next-Nazi-Germany analogies that have become so commonplace they no longer provoke much of a reaction. Huckabee, Kilgore documents, has made repeated comparisons of abortion to the Holocaust as well. He even had the gall, Kilgore reminds us, to visit Auschwitz and then declare, “If you felt something incredibly powerful at Auschwitz and Birkenau over the 11 million killed worldwide and the 1.5 million killed on those grounds, cannot we feel something extraordinary about 55 million murdered in our own country in the wombs of their mothers?”

Huckabee’s over-the-top efforts to win the hearts of Christian Zionsts may not win him Jewish support beyond the Zionist Organization of America, which stood pretty much alone in saying it “agrees with Governor Huckabee that this Iran deal could lead to a Holocaust-like massacre of the Jews.” And we also know from the recent past that comments that offend (most) Jews may not stand in the way of Christian Zionists supporting a fellow Christian:  John Hagee, whose own comments about the Holocaust that came to light during the 2008 presidential campaign offended many Jews, but his Christian Zionist activism marches on.

But Baylor University historian Thomas Kidd thinks Huckabee has gone too far even for evangelicals. Writing in the Washington Post, Kidd says Huckabee had already “jumped the shark” with other antics but that his ovens comment will doom his candidacy. “Everyone in politics knows that if you have to play the Nazi card, you’re getting desperate,” Kidd observes.

Sadly, though, we may never know what will ultimately crush Huckabee’s presidential ambitions. He ran in 2008 as the aw-shucks, I’m-a-conservative-but-not-mad-ab0ut-it candidate, and he took a lot of heat from Arkansas conservatives for being too much of a softy. In many ways, Huckabee has run in the opposite direction from that of his base—or at least the part of the base you’d think he’d be going for. He ran as the nice guy in 2008; in 2016 he’s running as a crank. But he need look no further than his own denomination, whose political point man, Russell Moore, has deliberately changed course from that of his predecessor, Richard Land, and has been sounding a consistent call for dialing back incendiary rhetoric and sensationalistic pandering.

It’s true that Moore doesn’t represent the views of all evangelicals—not even close. After all, if you have 20 percent or so of evangelicals supporting Donald Trump, it’s hard to see why they’d be mightily offended by Huckabee’s outrageous comments but not Trump’s. Given the shape of the field—Bush the heir to a political dynasty, Walker the boring one, Rubio the inexperienced, Trump the blowhard, and a cast of thousands—it’s a kind of political malpractice that Huckabee hasn’t revived his 2008 persona, that same persona which led many to think he would be the new face of the Christian right.

Huckabee’s ovens statement was a ham-handed effort to solidify his “pro-Israel” cred and show he was a tough guy standing up to that appeaser Barack Obama (and it’s that tough guy thing that the evangelical Trump lovers supposedly admire). But Huckabee didn’t just offend Jews. He provided evangelicals, the very type of evangelicals he might have had the greatest chance of impressing, another piece of evidence at which to cringe.


  • phillinj@slu.edu' NancyP says:

    Huckabee may be running in order to further burnish his credentials (and pay) as a talk show host, maybe to become the next Rush Limbaugh.

  • chris@east20thst.net' cmbennett01 says:

    Who in their right mind ever thought Huck had a candidacy to begin with?

  • zinealine@gmail.com' cranefly says:

    The most telling line was when he doubled down by saying “I have been to Auschwitz three times,” and “I have stood at that very place,” as if Holocaust tourism were the same thing as suffering the impact of the Holocaust on your life, family, and people. As if shedding a tear on vacation abroad as a rich white man was enough to be one with the oppressed. This isn’t a drastic political game for appealing to Evangelicals. He really is 100% as dumb as he seems.

  • lsomers3@tampabay.rr.com' lsomers says:

    Mike is a desperate wannabe candidate. Only a few on the cracked right wing could think he has any potential at all to be president, or much of anything else that required integrity, honesty and a commitment to the people. Since the vast majority of Christians neither know nor care what Jesus may have actually said, their organizations go off in all manner of pointless directions, chasing imaginary demons and angels and forgetting that the primary command of Jesus is: “love one another as I have loved you” and all the rest is commentary.

  • williameburns@verizon.net' William Burns says:

    “ham-handed”? Nice turn of phrase.

  • tojby_2000@yahoo.com' apotropoxy says:


    Hardly. Huck’s “campaign”, like most of the GOP candidates'” is meant to perpetuate his image so that his speaking fees can stay high. It ‘s an exercise in economic aggrandizement.

  • jeff.lardizabal20@gmail.com' Jeff Lardizabal says:

    What should
    not be lost here is whether his “oven comments” have credibility.

    First, it must be asked, if the Islamic Republic of Iran got hold of enough
    nuclear material to build just one suitcase bomb, in order that it be used by
    whatever means, through whoever they could get it to, in order to satisfy their
    stated goal of “wiping Israel off the face of the map,” would they
    attempt to destroy Israel?

    Secondly, if there is a chance that this is true, and that the nuclear deal we
    signed does not prohibit such a likelihood from occurring, Governor Huckabee
    has a case.

    His case will be decided in Congress when this issue comes to a vote; for, as
    President Obama has already promised, it will take their vote to overturn his

    Some might say that it would be suicide on a scale the world has never seen
    before, if the Islamic Republic of Iran were to launch such an attack; worse
    than what even Japan suffered when they refused President Truman’s terms of
    surrender in World War II. But have not suicide attacks, such as were done in
    the Marine Barracks bombing in 1983; and, has been a hallmark signature for the
    Islamic Republic of Iran’s actions, since then, not been recorded so that all might see just what they are capable of?

    During the 1980 to 1988 Iran/Iraq War, Ayatollah Khomeini adorned the Basij
    troops, in numbers over a million, with necklaces around their necks and keys
    to paradise, spiritually charging them before they were sent off, to conduct
    human wave attacks against Iraq. Most often, they were without weapons other
    than satchel charges attached to their bodies, in order that they might blow up
    tanks. One of the most prominent national heroes in the Islamic Republic of
    Iran is a teenager who was one of the first martyrs in these attacks, who did
    blow up a tank and, his story is a part of the regular curriculum for school
    aged children in Iran.

    What the Islamic Republic of Iran is capable of doing, spiritually charged,
    should never be underestimated; nor, should Governor Huckabee’s calling
    attention to such, be so casually deferred.

  • phillinj@slu.edu' NancyP says:

    Yes, Iran is a serious concern. All the more reason why the candidate ought to be using measured language. You don’t want someone with a twitchy trigger finger on the “red phone” (nuclear launch phone).

    Israel serves a very useful purpose for many leaders of majority-Muslim countries – it is a huge distraction from domestic problems. Scapegoats are essential in political appeals to the public. I daresay that privately most of these leaders might say that the worst possible thing to happen would be to eliminate Israel and settle the Palestinians there.

    The world, and Iran, is different in 2015 than it was in the 1980s. Absolute control of information is quite difficult in the age of cell phones and satellite access. I would not be so sure that the populace would blindly follow a dictator that would bring great risk or death on them. I would be pretty sure that most people understand the concept of mutual assured destruction, and that retaliation would wipe the populace and the land of Iran off the map. Still, you only need a handful of fools to start a war. No-one outside of Iran wants Iran to have a bomb. I daresay Iranian leaders want to be Big Men on the world stage, which they would be if Iran joined the Nuclear Club of nations.

  • tmarko00@gmail.com' Tmark says:

    Even if it ends his campaign, he has brought a poignenet issue to the forefront. Iran has no problem killing anyone who gets in their way, starting w/ Israel.

  • phatkhat@centurylink.net' phatkhat says:

    Khomeini is dead, and has been for some time. Iranian young people are much friendlier to the west. Older Iranian people still remember the Shah times, when people were pretty free, and Teheran was a cultural hub. Do you know who suffered most under Khomeini? Iranians. Particularly women. Don’t underestimate the Iranian PEOPLE.

    As to smuggling a suitcase bomb… Have you ever tried to get into Israel? Unless the perps planned to just detonate it at customs, they’d never get in.

    Also, the “wipe Israel off the map” quote has been pretty much debunked. And the current President is pretty moderate. I think even the Ayatollah is a lot more moderate than past Ayatollahs.

    We used to count Iran as an ally. When I was in AIT in Denver in 1977, the air base was teeming with young Iranian officers who were there for training. So many middle aged Iranians were educated in the US or the UK, including current leadership.

    Are they a threat to peace? Probably no more so than Israel or the US. After all, WE have been responsible for a lot of the unrest in the area, including arming Saddam Hussein and backing him in the war between Iraq and Iran. You reap what you sow, but we don’t seem to learn from it.

    Besides, Huck’s an ass, and he and his cronies don’t care about Israel at all, except as a place for their end times scenario to play out. And the idea of Huck having his finger on the red button, given how eager he is for Armageddon and the much ballyhooed return of Jesus, is absolutely as terrifying as the idea of Iran having a nuke.

  • phatkhat@centurylink.net' phatkhat says:

    I suppose Auschwitz is much like Dachau, which is the only memorial I visited during my years in Germany. It is sanitized and tidy. There are only photos and mementos to express the horror. They are moving, to be sure, but tourists to the sites will probably remain somewhat detached from the horror that was the real place, Huckabee included.

  • reedjim51@gmail.com' Jim Reed says:

    Iran is a peaceful nation. We have long had problems with Iran, but they were our fault.

  • jeff.lardizabal20@gmail.com' Jeff Lardizabal says:

    It is very true what both you and Nancy have said in many respects, to include how dangerous an eagerness for Armageddon is, when couched for a reason to stand up
    an issue. I do not believe though that this is Governor Huckabee’s intent, not when his solution, energy independence, freed from such states as Iran and anyone else with a human rights problem, is what he proposes.

    As to the MAD principle, also true Nancy and, yes, I would agree that most would argue that the MAD principle should apply; though I would beg to differ on the following reasons:

    For one, with respect to the Islamic Republic of Iran, one of their elite Special Forces groups is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Quds Force. As the name Quds Force implies, since Quds force means Jerusalem Force, they are the ones who would implement the designs to destroy Israel.

    Two, the reason the MAD principle worked with respect to Russia during the Cold War is that, as Sting said in his song, “The Russians,” the Russians do love their children too – and, likewise, ours, so much so that they agreed, after Gorbachev and Reagan met, to dismantle, to some extent, their nuclear arms to reduce the threat of nuclear annihilation.

    Can we trust that, as another article in another publication argued, that the Iranians love their children too. Well without question and
    of course they do! But, do they love ours as well, as well as the Russians could have been expected to, when we signed
    treaties with them? Not so much so. For this reason.

    The Islamic Republic of Iran teaches, in their grade school and higher curriculums, a view of the “other,” with respect to especially Jews and Americans, that cannot be considered the same type of social studies that occurred, about “others,” as the Soviets under the former USSR, understood. This inculcated belief of the other which, is constituted in their curriculums as handed down by their government, which is Islamic-based, is seen as a holy and politic perspective, for their nation state is founded on the Quran and its set of laws as seen through the lens of their interpretation, in Shia Islam.

    Under the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights, human rights are those rights of human beings as found under Sharia Law. Those
    rights were argued in 1989 and brought forth to the United Nations Human Rights Council, signed by 45 member states, and requested to be adopted, in order to bring them on par with the stated rights, as they stand, internationally.

    They were rejected due to their definition, and rightly so, for we are not all under Sharia Law. Those who would interpret
    that we do, and that we just don’t know it, say that it is there job to make it so. Unrelentingly, this is what we see in the form of ISIS, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Al Qaeda, and other such groups that do not recognize either the US or the UN standard of human rights
    as correct.

    They would have those outside of their understanding want to believe that they have fallen away from the truth, as they see it, and need to be brought into the light, either by wisdom and understanding, as the Saudis do, by sending aid to universities in the US and elsewhere in order that their understanding of the
    Quran be understood; or, by arms, if, as by the groups just mentioned, decide the world is in such a state that the requirement for arms is necessary.

    Not to understand these things is understandable, because, after all, there are much more important things to consider, like that lion that was killed as of late by the dentist for $50,000 dollars.

    This goes without mentioning my third and final point. If there is the possibility that just one of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s fantasist, say, one equally and opposite that of a John Hagee as was mentioned in these comments, decided that it was their job
    to bring in the Islamic form of Armageddon, should that possibility, however remote, not be taken into consideration?

    That that type of thinking exists is a certainty. Shia and Sunni Islam both have eschatologists that argue that the only way that their form of their savior, the Mahdi, (and there are many beliefs and subsets of such, in both forms of Islam), will return is during a time of great upheaval. They have their form of John Hagees (as commentaries here argue – not mine) that likewise, would wish to
    usher in a faster return of the Mahdi. Should these likelihoods be a consideration?

    It’s a matter of degrees, like anything else and, even if so, what would we do about such threats?

    Cool minds need to consider these and as many other cool-minded possibilities that might exist, given the degree of consequences which might arise, were the Islamic Republic of Iran to gain a nuclear weapon capability.

    As each of us in America have the right to believe whatever we might want to believe, even if our thinking may not be the same as others, it is much better than having our thoughts indoctrinated, as they are in the Islamic Republic of Iran, where, as I have mentioned, is done in the school curriculums designed to maintain the Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic.

    As a nation state they are free to do so and it is their right, one which they vigorously defend. Under their laws, homosexuals are executed, as publicly as is possible, if they do not choose to
    have a sex change operation. Within a couple weeks of the Scotus decision to give our LGBT community the same rights to marriage as heterosexual couples enjoy, and, the White House, lit up in rainbow-fashion over, we signed a nuclear deal with a country that executes its homosexuals.

    Saudi Arabia does not allow Bibles to be sold in its countries; nor, Christians to proselytize on its grounds. These are grave offenses; yet, they spend, as stated before, vast amounts of money on
    getting the Quran into our universities. We conduct business with them, nonetheless, and don’t bat an eye.

    These are mere opening questions from a vast amount of questions I’ve been inclined to ask, over my last 20 years of military service; where, steadfastly as a tin Soldier (not one wearing a tinfoil hat), as a Persian Farsi linguist and Iranian subject matter expert, I have had to ask, based on my job. As, also, a distinguished graduate of the National Intelligence University’s Denial and Deception Advanced Studies Program, which focuses on how to identify, exploit, and defeat foreign intelligence activities, under its Masters of Science in Strategic Intelligence Program, I have also had to ask these and a host of other questions, in order that policy decisions be made.

    Such decisions result in actions, for which, I am grateful. Without actionable intelligence, what good is intelligence?

    I have begun writing to columns such as these, now in my last year of service, for the war has come home once again, and in tides as of late that spell portents for concern. If I went to a
    majority of universities today and asked how many of the students felt about the war we are in they might say, “WAR – what are you talking about, have you not heard that we pulled out of both Iraq and Iran and that Osama bin Laden is dead!?”

    Tell that to those 4 Marines and 1 Sailor’s families and friends who were killed in action in this war in Chattanooga Tennessee.

    Yes, we are in a state of war that has come home once again and resides in the hearts and minds of all who seek the internet and other social media venues for meaningfulness in their lives.

    As Americans, we must pull together to a common understanding –
    One which we have lost sight of – that together, we must defeat anything against us; but divided, no matter how equipped or manned we might think ourselves to be, we will fall.

    Just words – but not ones that cannot be put into action. We must reject the Islamists interpretation that it must be their way or the highway but we must not kill the opportunity for others, elsewhere, to interpret the Quran, or any other holy book for that matter, and even any other way of thinking about life, when in America, they
    are free to do so.

    In my 20 years of service I have served alongside and have been defended by those who believe in many things, but all were connected by one main oath – they swore to defend the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    I have seen resolve from those who interpreted the Quran to mean – do good deeds; whereby, the good would outweigh the bad and, by doing so, one might make themselves honorable to God. I can’t argue with that. I am not their judge. I am theirs and every other Soldiers battle buddy, to such an extent that I am grateful whether one has been any race, color, religion or creed. In the future,
    if transgenders were to be allowed service, and they swore the oath of enlistment and put their life on the line for mine, I would be equally grateful.

    There is room for that in America but there must also be room for thoughts which lead to such espousals of protection of such rights, as is found in the Constitution. I bring this up because Ashton Carter, the Secretary of Defense has ordered a 6 month study of how the incorporation of transgenders into the military would affect it.

    We’re up against, in the form of Islamism as described here, nation states, groups and individual entities that claim both religious and governmental jurisdiction over the rights of those they become the masters of.
    They do not agree with America’s separation of church and state and have stated that they will, at least some of them, not quit until the black flag of ISIS becomes the standard for our land, at which time our Pledge of Allegiance would no longer be open to interpretation, regarding the under God phrase, and would mean only, under Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.

    Patient, perseverant matters of consideration will only gain ground in action when groups of people become awakened to them.
    We need awaken to what we are up against; lest it becomes too late. By my estimates, we are already 14 years late, if not longer, for it was not too long ago in our history as a nation that we faced the same thing in the Barbary Pirates.

  • thurmaneric@gmail.com' Eric says:

    “he has brought a poignenet issue to the forefront”

    No, no he hasn’t. He’s lied about an issue and mocked the victims of the greatest atrocity of the modern world. His cynical rhetoric probably *won’t* end his campaign, though he never had a shot anyway. But, hey, you could always vote for Trump, so please please do if you’re so inclined. My cat would beat him in the general election.

  • thurmaneric@gmail.com' Eric says:

    “What should not be lost here is whether his “oven comments” have credibility.”

    This is the stupidest comment on the internet today. You should be embarrassed by it, and the fact you aren’t shows how little care about yourself and others.

  • psicop@charter.net' PsiCop says:

    Doom his candidacy? Are you kidding!? His evangelical followers are eating it up. And all those fierce, angry Rightists who’re incensed that Barack HUSSEIN Obama made a deal (any deal) with Iran will certainly approve.

    If his candidacy is in any way “doomed,” it can only have been from its start, since he was never a viable candidate. His “oven” comment will have nothing to do with the fate of his candidacy; that was determined before it began. In fact, what will happen is that he’ll eventually drift back to Fox News and a continued career in Right-wing punditry, where his “oven” comment will actually serve as a credential or a bona fide rather than as a black mark.

  • jeff.lardizabal20@gmail.com' Jeff Lardizabal says:

    Should read…how little you care… Grammar and politeness please :-).

  • No he hasn’t. Israel would crush Iran in a military conflict.

    Indeed, Iran is not nearly as bad as some of our actual allies in the region. Saudi Arabia is far worse.

  • Now you’re going too far in the other direction.

    You think funding and arming Hezbollah and Hamas are the actions of a peaceful nation?

  • reedjim51@gmail.com' Jim Reed says:

    The United States sent the CIA to cause chaos in the Iran so that we could topple their elected government and install our dictator. Then we funded Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran. We are also supporting Israel in taking Palestinian land and causing unending trouble in the region. There is no way Iran should trust us, but thankfully they are not a nation into starting wars. They have a long history of wars being started against them.

    Hopefully Obama can help us change directions and we can start to be friends with Iran again.

  • emilyk04@gmail.com' Fired, Aren't I says:

    You didn’t answer his question.

  • emilyk04@gmail.com' Fired, Aren't I says:

    Bibi is pissed about this deal because one of his political toys is being taken away. He’s used to being about to scare his constituents into submission, by claiming Iran will rise up and “wipe Israel off the map.”

    In that scenario, he seems to think that nobody else is an ally of Israel and that nobody else would have an interest in preventing Iran from declaring war on one of the biggest Western allies in the ME. Europe, the US, possibly a couple other ME nations would oppose such action.

    Bibi seems to be going on the assumption Israel has no allies and is all alone. Interesting that’s how he sees things, because if he keeps his current trajectory, it might get to that point.

  • emilyk04@gmail.com' Fired, Aren't I says:

    couldn’t have said any of it better myself. There is definitely a culture of young people that are well-educated, especially in sciences, coming up. You wouldn’t think so at first blush, but Iran has good universities. An educated populace is dangerous to tyrrany.

    I’d add that the Israeli gov is pissed about this deal more than anyone because it takes away one of their fear-mongering tools.

  • reedjim51@gmail.com' Jim Reed says:

    If the U.S. has long supported a policy designed to eliminate the Palestinians, then you can expect a little bit of resistance. What they do is nothing compared to what we do, but we have always been after two things Oil, and the fundamentalist view of end times prophecy.

  • reedjim51@gmail.com' Jim Reed says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. They don’t have the power to take down Israel. They are not like the CIA who under a Republican administration took down the democratically elected Iranian government and installed a puppet dictator there who would bow to American control over Iranian oil fields.

  • emilyk04@gmail.com' Fired, Aren't I says:

    So what you’re saying is them funding organizations considered to be terrorists DOESN’T affect whether or not we consider a nation to be “peaceful”? Or, no?

  • reedjim51@gmail.com' Jim Reed says:

    What I am saying is our sins are much bigger than anything Iran has done. We provoke them, and then you say they are not peaceful? We rob them for our own greed, and then you call them terrorists?

  • Your understanding is pretty shallow, Jim.

  • emilyk04@gmail.com' Fired, Aren't I says:

    Ugh, you’re insane. I don’t use that term lightly. I think you might actually have some kind of brain malfunction going on. I don’t even want to engage you further, and if the moderators have any sense, they’ll consider banning you as a troll.

  • reedjim51@gmail.com' Jim Reed says:

    They tend to keep their distance and let us work these things out for ourselves.

    Maybe this is rooted in the problem of colonialism. Colonialism can’t last forever, and when it finally collapses it is bound to leave bad feelings.

  • eingiv4z@gmail.com' ShirleyRManley says:


  • dgmacdonald01@hotmail.com' leDaver says:

    A large segment of people alive to-day, both in the US and Iran, grew up after the revolution of 1979 and have been fed a steady of diet of lies, mis-information, half truths, propaganda, etc. and it is very hard for them to contemplate moving beyond their comfort-zone of hate. If this agreement results in first baby-steps to ending the hostility, we will all be better off. (Besides, there is lots of money to be made).

  • aiyae2qua8k@gmail.com' IsaacLHawk says:


  • tojby_2000@yahoo.com' apotropoxy says:

    Do you think the “Right of Return” should be based on a promise some Bronze Age people thought their local god had made to them, or to the people who still have keys to the front doors of the houses now lived in by their oppressors?

  • tojby_2000@yahoo.com' apotropoxy says:

    It is errorless.

  • reedjim51@gmail.com' Jim Reed says:

    Now that Netanyahu has revealed his true nature, we should probably be viewing Hezbollah and Hamas in a new light.

  • fiona64@livejournal.com' fiona64 says:

    Don’t forget, Huckabee is the guy who thinks that the National Guard should be called out to shoot women who want to exercise their right to choose …

    This guy is a whackjob whom we ignore at our own peril.

  • odeliyab@yahoo.com' Liya says:

    Oh, your cat is a democrat! Nice to hear. I always say animals are way wiser species than the two legged 🙂

  • reedjim51@gmail.com' Jim Reed says:

    I thought they went after the doctors.

  • fiona64@livejournal.com' fiona64 says:

    Nope. Huckabee says he wants to be able to call out the National Guard to prevent women from obtaining abortions. http://www.mediaite.com/online/mike-huckabee-open-to-use-of-federal-troops-to-stop-abortions/

  • reedjim51@gmail.com' Jim Reed says:

    That might work for legal abortions, but illegal abortions should still be legal.

  • fiona64@livejournal.com' fiona64 says:

    Believe it or not, I get just what you mean. 😉

  • reedjim51@gmail.com' Jim Reed says:

    Theoretically that is true. But. Iran is not going to start a war with Israel. They know they would get crushed. On the other hand, Israel certainly might start an unprovoked war with Iran because they want to destroy Iranian infrastructure. What then? Israel would be isolated on the world stage, and now that they have politically divided our government it might be questionable exactly how much support they would get from us. Of course if they wait until there is another Republican in the White House, they could probably start a war and do fine.

  • staffer31@yahoo.com' kerry321 says:

    Huckabee is a theocrat in politician’s clothing. Says he stands for the Constitution but insists that the first amendment isn’t relevant and that the US is a “Christian” nation, which it emphatically is NOT and was never intended to be.

  • boko999@hotmail.com' Boko999 says:

    I can’t think of one Southern Baptist I like or respect. They should be shunned back into the fringes of society so decent sane people can get on with their lives.

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