Will New York Mega-Church Pastor Tim Keller Redeem Publishing?

As reported in Publishers Weekly, Dutton and Riverhead are launching a new imprint that will be solely devoted to books from evangelical Christian preacher Timothy Keller and his Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

In light of Sarah Posner’s analysis of Keller’s Manhattan-based mega-church on Killing the Buddha, here are some suggested book titles we might see from the Redeemer line:

I’ll Sign Manhattan
No Patience with Frank Schaeffer
The Family: The Solid Fellowship With a Heart for American Power
The Purpose Driven Placebo
Keller Kindness: Ann Coulter’s Fellowship at Redeemer
Redeem Your Best Life Now
Worshipping Wall Street with Executive Ministries
Praying for Power
Starbucks Spirituality: Saving the Yuppie Soul
The Pilgrim vs. the Powerbroker