Wisconsin: Evangelical, Catholic, and Protestant Vote Not Enough for Romney Win

MSNBC just called Wisconsin, the home state of Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan, for Obama. Despite winning pretty big among the state’s white Protestants, Catholics, and white evangelicals, Romney couldn’t win: Obama won big among the “nones” (just 16% of the electorate, but Obama won them by a 73-24% margin) and non-whites (14% of the electorate, but Obama won them by a 78-18% margin), according to exit polling.

By contrast, Romney won his religious constituencies by much smaller margins, except for white evangelicals. They composed 25% of the electorate, according to the exit poll, and Romney won them 71-27%. But he won Catholics (31%) by a 56-44% margin, and Protestants (44%) by a 54-44% margin.

Or look at it another way: 75% of the electorate were not white born-again Christians. And Obama won this group by a 60-38% margin.