11 Election Tweets to Amuse, Infuriate, Enlighten, and Amuse You

An uncomfortable number of hosts and guests on MSNBC’s election night coverage made reference to hitting the bottle. Even the Clinton era made a ghostly appearance in the form of James Carville who Zoomed in from home with a half-empty bottle of Pappy Van Winkle over his shoulder.

We get it. But besides getting likkered up, what have we done with all this anxiety and nervous energy? Brought it to Twitter of course. There were far too many insightful, hilarious, scathing, ironic, and otherwise round-up-worthy posts to include here, but this should give a little taste of the conversations, states of mind, and concerns of our de facto town square over the past 72 hours or so.


1. Anyone who watched election night coverage on a major network will recognize this Adderall-fueled song and dance: “…Nickajack Farms, everyone knows that Nickajack Farms has always been carried Trump, ever since 1884…”


2. This ones speaks for itself. (Or, strictly speaking, for God):

3. This one’s more watchable. Promise: 

4. For Republicans still fuzzy on the life cycle of a vote:

5. Bi-curious Republicans: 

6. For the president in your life utterly mystified by the fact that his leads began to “magically disappear” overnight:

7. Ouch:

8. Gomer Pyle with the low-information leadership:

9. Yeah, okay…

10. I guess this is why?

11. The last word, from the Supreme Being: