Conservative Christians Celebrate the Death of RBG

LGBTQ Nation’s Bil Browning has compiled a list (with a big assist from Right Wing Watch) of conservative Christians celebrating the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Perhaps unsurprisingly this list does not violate RD’s unwritten ‘Westboro Baptist Church’ Rule (which stipulates that it’s hardly newsworthy to identify a fringe pastor in rural Kentucky with a single-digit congregation to make a point about extremism more broadly). Included here are figures with meaningful connections to the Republican Party and the White House. Browning writes:

Right-wing Christian groups are proclaiming Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death was celestially ordained and, therefore, “belongs to God.”

While Ginsburg’s death is mourned by the country, her legacy of fighting for gender equality isn’t being celebrated by the right – her death is.

Complete with anti-Semitic slurs, they say the honored jurist was a “mass murdering hag” who “ruined more lives than Hitler, Mao & Stalin combined.”

“With glowing tributes from leftists, pro-aborts, LGBTs and the mainstream media pouring in from around the globe, I personally mourn her death because she apparently did not know Christ. This past month I prayed for her soul, that she would prepare to meet God,” evangelical activist and former GOP politician Gordon Klingenschmitt told followers.

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