Moving Day: A Note from the Publisher

Editor’s note: As a number of readers have written to express confusion over the future of RD, we felt it necessary to add a note of clarification. While RD has left its institutional home at USC, nothing else has changed. Founding editors, Lisa Webster and Evan Derkacz will continue to make RD your daily destination for provocative takes on the latest religion news. As Diane Winston writes below, keep reading!, and don’t forget to sign up for RD’s daily newsletter—and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter


After three and one-half years at USC, Religion Dispatches is moving on!

We’ve enjoyed hosting the website, and the Knight Program in Media and Religion has benefited from the collaboration. We’re very proud of the work we produced together, especially covering American Christianities, public theology and LGBTQI issues.

Evan Derkacz and Lisa Webster deserve special thanks for their dedication and self-sacrifice. They have been fearless editors, tireless boosters and dedicated champions for smart and provocative coverage of religion, politics and culture.

Kudos, too, to the many writers (yes, all of you) who make RD the best independent website for the coverage of religion. Virtual bouquets to funders, donors, advisors, board members and colleagues who offered assistance in many shapes and sizes. And big hugs to three women who kept everything on track: Ellie Faustino, Anita Little and Ginger Mayerson.

Religion Dispatches provides insight and information on today’s most pressing issues. It does that by taking seriously the ethical, spiritual and theological dimensions of our political and social lives. Its voice is unique and its commitment unflagging.

We look forward to RD’s next incarnation—and the promise of great stories to come. As we say at USC, Fight On!

Happy New Year and keep reading—

Diane Winston