Steve Jobs Reincarnated as Divine Half-Yak

For Apple fans still recovering from Steve Jobs’ untimely death last year, there is some hope yet. According to Phra Thepyanmahamuni, the abbot of the Wat Phra Dhammakaya in Thailand, Jobs was reincarnated into a divinity “of middle rank – half a Witthayathorn, half yak.”

The Thai Buddhist New Religious Movement posted a three-part essay on their website describing the life, death, and reincarnation of Jobs, claiming that he also invented the wind-mill in a previous life to predict natural disasters. The essay is illustrated with enough CGI mock ups (like the one below) to make you glad, for just a moment, to be alive during this, of all possible, times.

Jobs has long been compared to a religious leader himself, and Apple has been variously described as magical and religious. In 2011 the BBC went so far as to claim that Apple products evoked religious experiences in their fans. Thepyanmahamuni claims that Jobs’ good works earned him more not just earthly acclaim, but rewards in heaven, including a six-story mansion made of silver and crystals.

Thepyanmahamuni’s claims merit a good chuckle, but I for one am completely on board; in a world full of David Bartons and Todd Akins, I’m glad to see some craziness that has style.