Violent, Genocidal Anti-Palestinian Rhetoric Moving to US?

Earlier this week the Times of Israel published a post, written by American Yochanan Gordon, titled “When Genocide is Permissible,” which concludes with the following question:

If political leaders and military experts determine that the only way to achieve its goal of sustaining quiet is through genocide is it then permissible to achieve those responsible goals?

Last week, the man gunning for the top spot at the Anti-Defamation League, New York University senior fellow Thane Rosenbaum, authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal legitimizing Israel’s killing of civilians, telling Palestinians in Gaza that, because a plurality of their voting-age population voted for the political wing of Hamas in national elections eight years ago, “you forfeit your right to be called civilians… you have wittingly made yourself targets.”

On Monday, the president of the New York Board of Rabbis, David-Seth Kirshner made this same assertion at a pro-Israel rally of 10,000 people a few blocks from the UN (which had just issued a statement expressing concern over “the deteriorating situation). In a video posted to Youtube, he is heard saying: “When you are part of an election process that asks for [Hamas]… you are complicit and you are not a civilian casualty.” Kirshner then proclaimed that the Israeli army is “the most moral army in the history of civilization.”

It goes without saying that apart from being cruel, such logic is, as many others have noted, identical to the justification used by Osama Bin Laden for the morality of killing civilians on 9/11. That is, Americans (or Israelis) elected a government that acted unjustly or criminally, therefore Americans (or Israelis) as a whole are fair game. As Daniel Larison succinctly put it, such logic: “unintentionally endorses the logic of every terrorist group in history.”

For decades, most mainstream Jewish leaders outside of Israel have publicly supported the military adventures of the Israeli government, regardless of the Palestinian death toll. But they have at least paid lip-service to the sanctity of human life and expressed regret for the souls lost on both sides. As Israel’s latest assault on Gaza enters its fourth week, however, we are witnessing a significant rhetorical departure.

Yet as reprehensible as remarks from American Jewish leaders have been, the dehumanizing discourse among political and religious leaders in Israel—where I live and work—has for years been moving toward the grotesque.

The images that have emerged from the Gaza Strip over the past three weeks of Israel’s assault, and the fact that the vast majority of those killed have been Palestinian civilians—including three hundred children—should fill any decent human being with revulsion, regardless of which side they support.

But Israeli leaders have begun to speak openly of their disdain for the lives of Palestinian civilians, damning them to death along with the militants in their midst.

Anti-Arab racist rhetoric is common in Israeli politics. Recent comments by a Member of Knesset and whip of the religious Jewish Home party – key members of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s governing coalition – were especially heinous. In a Facebook post published a month ago, Ayelet Shaked advocated for the killing of “the entire Palestinian people… including its elderly and its women… otherwise, more little snakes will be raised.”

This week Israel’s most popular online news source, Ynetnews, published an op-ed by a rabbi citing Biblical passages as a rationale for extending the bloodshed in Gaza.

The statements of Ovadia Yosef, whose recent passing was met with flattering memorials both in Israel and the US, are legendary. The former Chief Rabbi of Israel and spiritual leader of many Middle Eastern Jews, said, among other things, that Palestinians “should perish from the world” and that “it is forbidden to be merciful to them”; of non-Jews in general, he declared that “Goyim were born only to serve us.” Despite comments like these, his funeral last October was the largest in the country’s history, with 800,000 Israelis attending.

In the past month, Rabbi Noam Perel, head of Bnei Akiva, the largest Jewish religious youth group in the world, called for the mass-murder of Palestinians and for their foreskins to be scalped and brought back as trophies, alluding to an episode in the Book of Samuel; and a Jerusalem city councillor, in charge of security, encouraged a crowd to mimic the Biblical character of Phineas (Pinchas in Hebrew), who murdered a fellow Israelite and his Midianite lover for the “crime” of miscegenation:

I am calling out to all the Pinchases that are here … Moses didn’t act, Pinchas acted … every one of us has a mission … The Rebbe, who is here with us, expects us to commit acts of Pinchas.

Mere hours after these incidents of incitement, a group of Israeli Jews, including the grandson of the chief of the Jerusalem rabbinical court, kidnapped a Palestinian teen, beat him and forced him to drink gasoline, before burning him to death from the inside out. When Israeli security forces finally caught and interrogated them, the group referenced the story of Phineas. They also mentioned the Biblical injunction to kill all Amalekites, an ancient people who no longer exist, but whose legacy is often attributed to Israel’s enemy de jure.

None of these leaders were dismissed from their posts or censured in any way for making these harsh, cruel statement. No surprise then that other Israeli religious officials joined the genocidal chorus. One local chief rabbi ruled that bombing Palestinian civilians is permissible, while another, considered a “liberal” by Israeli standards, declared the assault on Gaza to be a holy war mandated by the Torah—one which must be merciless.

These blood-curdling statements, while anathema to many, are made with impunity in Israel because there is widespread support—or at least toleration—among the Jewish population. The statements are not confined to religious sectors of society, but are also flourishing on social media platforms, where average Israelis call for Palestinians to be ethnically-cleansed. In the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheba, groups of Israeli Jews led by anti-miscegenationist activists march through town chanting “Death to Arabs!” and “Death to leftists!,” assaulting anyone who fits the bill.

Until Israel’s most recent assault on Gaza, Jewish leaders who publicly advocated meting out death to Palestinian civilians were forced to confine their remarks to Hebrew. With Operation Protective Edge, however, a watershed has been breached, with both Israelis and American Jews now permitting themselves to call for the killing of defenseless Palestinians without shame.

Describing this week’s pro-Israel rally at which Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner declared open season on Gazans for voting for Hamas, the Forward’s Hody Nemes wrote:

The pro-Israel rally was organized by UJA-Federation of New York, the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York and other groups, and had the backing of nearly the entire organized Jewish community, including the Reform, Conservative and Orthodox movements. A crowd estimated at close to 10,000 people, including numerous politicians, attended the rally, dwarfing the protests against Israel’s operation.

With the mainstream American Jewish leadership firmly in support of the current military operation there is little pressure for the Israeli government to end the carnage—or for the U.S. government to pressure it to do so.


  •' Judith Maxfield says:

    Very scary stuff. I wonder to what extent this represents the Israeli population, given they do vote the war machine in every time. My country, the U.S. buys into the occupation and dehumanizing of the Palestinians to the tune of billions of dollars to Israel. If we dare speak up, we are called anti-semites. The lies we believe from the U.S. gov’t and the Israelis can force us to live in amnesia. We all suffer from this as it diminishes hope and human dignity. My thoughts here are random, but I must say I can’t help but see the parallels to other concentration camps, genocide and excuses for the murderer who claims the moral high ground. I don’t believe in a Heaven up in the sky, but surely Hell is right here and real – for all of us.

  •' Jim Reed says:

    In other news, Netanyahu advised the Obama administration “not to ever second guess me again”.

    I guess it is now up to the American Jewish community. Will they respond to Natenyahu?

  •' cobb says:

    Majority of US taxpayers seem to be quite happy to see their hard earned money being spent on a country that seems to treat the US in such a demeaning manner.

    Does Israel really have that much control over your country where even their massacre of over 300 children is less important as supporting them in getting back their missing IDF soldier

  •' truthisoutofstyle says:

    How Much Does Israel Cost The Average American?

  •' SONofMartyrs says:

    In 2013 the US gave Israel 8.7 million dollars a day. Have no idea what it’s for, military, lunches? have no idea. It adds up to 3.2 Billion a year. So my guess is military aid is NOT included.

  •' handsome human says:

    US taxpayers should be happy. They are the chosen goyim afterall…

  •' Mehdi Patel says:

    read Islamic Peril Media and Global Violence by Karim H Karim… amazing history of media pyschops and propaganda by us and western media dealing with ME after ww2. one summary includes creating the illusion of western civilization and values versus barbaric islamic values to justify imperial meddling and securing resource extraction thru regime backing. if u read this book ull see why zionissts and north american jews particularly older members…really believe arabs are barbaric..its because of the DECADES of state sponsored media portrayal…also google Reel Bad Arabs….or read aljazeera article on obama and his favorite show…Homeland…

  •' Judith Maxfield says:

    I’ve come to learn and strongly believe that violence can only achieve a short term solution in silencing your opponent. But, their children are watching and building their hatred. What is not so easily seen is that violence also kills anything good in the murderer; he will live as the living dead. This is Israeli now. Real Peace demands justice for the oppressed s well. Archbishop Desmond Tutu is one who speaks from experience. I am now convinced the news media here is too biased, listening any to those who hold the purse strings. Even MSNBC is to blame.

    I just checked news on the July 28 pro-Israeli demonstration in N.Y. City, trying to i.d. any U.S. congresspeople there. I found that Senator Schumer attended and spoke clearly in the tried and true Israeli message mentioned here in the blog. I admired him in his support for middle class issues here, but no more. He is a hypocrite. He apparently believes we don’t need to extend the same justice to the Arabs/ Palestinians. Listen instead to the Israeli soldiers who are the resisters. Its heartbreaking. There are joint Peace groups who bring them here to tell their stories. I’ve heard them as well as a Palestinian educator, a citizen of Israel and working in non violent peace efforts who was imprisoned for merely peacefully speaking up. This citizen the came to the U.S. on a visa and has not ever been allowed back in to Israel. He was asked if he was bitter and stated no, he could not go there in hate. I felt his truth in what he said.

    Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now has/had an eminent (American) Jewish rabbi and leader in an interview that discussed – honestly- the root cause of the now age-old conflict because of occupation and the 8 yr. virtual medieval seize of Gaza. I would ask you to check it out and weigh that against what the U.S. news media says in its reporting. We here need to be informed from as many sources a possible. If we here speak up its got to be from first learning the context on both sides and not just from current media. BTW: it is true that our financial aid helps the violence. Israel DOES benefit in the purchase / gifts (i.e. sales of the Blackhawk helicopter to Israel). Think: If we help with food, it does not matter. It frees up money up anyway for a brutal occupation. I grieve that people who have lost family and security on both sides. Religion has nothing to do with this. History does.

  •' DracoMalfoy says:

    They’re essentially living up to everything anti-Semites have always said. They are also wanting to emulate the Nazis for some reason. I find this ironic.

  •' hollywoodjeff says:

    By following the way of thinking of more than one Israeli religious leader, the fact that Israelis have consistently elected war criminals as their prime ministers, and have done so in free and democratic elections, and in Operation Cast Lead and now in Protective Edge, more than 90% have been shown to support their government’s wanton murder of Palestinians, that makes the overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews clearly more culpable for the crimes committed by their government than any democratically elected government in history.

    It is the blight unto the nations and become more poisonous by the day.

  •' Jim Reed says:

    But sometimes history takes too long. There was that story in 2007 in the Chicago Tribune of our just declassified papers showing 40 years earlier we covered up for Israel deliberately attacking and torpedoing and trying to sink and kill all sailors on a US unarmed evesdropping navy ship. We covered that up so it would be easier for us to stay friends with Israel, and enemies with the arabs. Israel wanted to “accidentally” sink our ship and kill everybody because it had evesdropping evidence of their war crimes. If the American public knew this history in 67 instead of 2007 things might have been different through those decades.

  •' Tlynn says:

    We are giving them 250 million to continue the madness.

  •' Yeshayahu Hollander says:

    The critique of the permission” of genocide is absolutely correct. Genocide is of course totally unacceptable. Of course, genocide is not what has been going on in Gaza.

    FIRST – The reports of non-combatants killed are grossly misreported. See
    Of course, since this analysis was published, one cannot trust that any further
    statistics will not be “doctored” to show non-combatant victims; the veracity of Arab reports is – at least- questionable: they do not have a critical press to answer to, parallel, say, to Israel’s Haaratz. See, for instance –, or

    SECOND – see an Arab from Saudi Arabia understands who is responsible:

    THIRD – SEE what an experienced person says: BY RICHARD KEMP

    FOURTH – what an international Jurist says:
    Of course, you may say that Irwin Cotler is Jewish, so you can’t believe him or
    trust his judgement. Those who would say so, are of course racists.

    The Title of this article –

    is alarming, but it is quite out of proportion. First – it hardly exists even in the most extremely fearful or nationalistic Israelis. At one time there was a political party which called for giving economic incentives to Arabs to leave Israel – this party was OUTLAWED in Israel for being racist.


    I do not know what happens in American Mosques and Muslim religious schools, but I did hear that President Obama took the FBI off the investigation. IF you are interested, See

  •' Jim Reed says:

    You can’t trust the Israelis either. Remember when they tried to sink one of our evesdropping navy ships because it was listening to what was going on? They fired 6 torpedos at it, shot sailors on deck shot up lifeboats, then lied about it and said it was a case of mistaken identity. But ship was flying the largest US flag, the planes had identified it, and the pilots were heard asking why they were being told to fire on the Americans. They were told to sink the ship and make sure there were no survivors in an attempt to cover up whatever the ship was hearing.

  •' Frank6548 says:

    Looks like our aid was well spent in defending the Israelis. I don’t agree with everything they do but they are in reality protecting themselves from people who want to, and if they had the means would, exterminate them.

    Let’s send more aid to protect Israel and our interests there.

  •' Judith Maxfield says:

    So this is your “opinion”. Sounds very shallow and ignorant to me. Do you believe everything that flows through your head? How about learning what really has been going on since 1949 from both sides, not just one? There are always 2 sides, just ask the British, 1776-1781 what their version was for the war with the colonists. They probably saw us as terrorists. The complete truth does not quite fit our mythology of a glorious revolution and a moral state. Let those who can hear, hear, to quote someone famous.

  •' Frank6548 says:

    Its kinda cute when people pretend they know what they are talking about.

    Of course there are two sides. One side wants to exterminate the other and the other side simply wants to be left alone.

  •' Stephen54321 says:

    Frank6548:”Let’s send more aid to protect Israel and our interests there.”

    Given the subject-matter of this article, are you implying that the interests of the United States extend to supporting those who commit genocide?

  •' Jim Reed says:

    That’s true, but that is because one side took the land from the other side.

  •' p says:

    The Pious Bacteria, a fable

    The Pious Bacteria, a fable

    Once upon a time, two bacteria argued over which one owned the corner of a grain of sand.
    One bacterium said, “God gave me this corner of this grain of sand.”
    The other said, “No. God gave _me_ this corner of this grain of sand.”
    The first bacterium said, “May God regret your existence.”
    The second bacterium said, “No. May God regret _your_ existence.”
    An angel flying by overheard this dispute.
    The angel said to God, “Who owns that corner of that grain of sand?”
    And God said, “Bacteria.”
    The angel said, “But they’re _both_ bacteria.”
    And God said, “Good!”
    The angel said, “You praise them, but they do not praise each other.”
    And God said, “I am not them.”

    Moral: Speak for yourself!

  •' Stephen54321 says:

    Naturally the Gazans want to be left alone. Yet who is the one who has imposed a 7-year blockade on them?

    If someone did that tp the US wouldn’t that be considered an act of war which the US would feel within its rights to resist and oppose? Yet you blame the Gazans, not the IKe Israel’s. That’s kind of like blaming the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto for the uprising they staged in 1943 against their Nazi overlords

  •' NelsonRobison says:

    Our consciences are being seared, burned with a hot fire that will not be quenched by anything but an admission of guilt and a complete turnaround of policy towards Israel. I will never support anything to do with genocide, nor will I endorse a nation where the government and its adherents have become so bloodthirsty as to demand that innocent men, women and children are slaughtered because, “killing the of the entire Palestinian people… including its elderly and its women… otherwise, more little snakes will be raised.” That is of little comfort to those who advocate the genocide of the Palestinian people, much like the Jews were slaughtered in WWII by the Nazis, through forcing Jews into gas chambers, attrition based on disease, starvation.

    The Israeli government has now gone rogue, they have gone beyond their 1946 mandate to make a new nation out of Palestine. What they’ve done and have committed from the very beginning was to commit acts of terror in the land that they wanted. From the very beginning the Haganah and the Special Night Squads made a concerted effort to take land and title to the land from the Palestinians who had been living on it from at least the year 70 CE.

    What we have here is a failure to communicate the real message of the intent of the formation of Israel, that is a peaceful coexistence between semitic peoples. Because Israelis and Arabs are from the same family. It is a mistake to think that peaceful coexistence cannot happen, it can happen when the animosities of the past are put aside a new future forged out of the ashes of the past. Nothing can be done about the past and everything can be done to create a new future, one of peace and compassion. But it will never happen until the Americans get out of the way and let the Israelis stand on their own.

  •' Jim Reed says:

    Christian Zionism believes Israel needs to expand to their ancient borders and build the new temple so that Jesus will come and we can have end times. This belief was strong when Bush was president. Is that belief decreasing now? If so, this might be an opportunity to bring some sanity to our foreign policy. Our approach to Iran might be an indication. Lots of those who wanted Israel to expand and bring end times also wanted us to go to wear with Iran. If they are now in a phase of declining political influence, we might first be able to see that in an improved relationship with Iran. Of course they will scream about the devil if that happens, but for our future security we need to learn to ignore them.

  •' NelsonRobison says:

    And most of the Christian Zionists are part of the Dominionist Movement. They seek hegemony much like the Caliphate of Islam, so what the Christian Dominionists will do is work to force everyone in the U.S. to kowtow to their interpretation of the Bible.

    When someone addresses me as a Dominionist I immediately know the language and ask simple questions to enlist a specific response. Having them in the dark about my knowledge elicits an immediate response, one which makes them think about their motivation but if they’re true Dominionists they won’t think twice about what the plans are for taking over the whole of the culture.

  •' Jim Reed says:

    It will make an interesting topic for the public school teachers in the other thread when they start teaching children the various religions.

  •' Frank6548 says:

    No I don’t think we are supporting Hamas in their quest to commit genocide.

  •' Frank6548 says:

    If the Gazans want to be left alone they would go somewhere else.

  •' NelsonRobison says:

    There are specific scriptures that taken out of context make the case for their interpretation of the Bible. But what the Dominionist doesn’t do is to take the message of the Bible as a whole, rather they cherry pick certain scriptures to make their case for taking over the whole of society because it’s “sinful, deceitful and otherwise a denial of God’s power.”

    So we can seek some remedies, but they’re quite catastrophic for others as well. But if the moderate and reasonable Christians won’t deny the fundamentalists and radicals of their kind, someone somewhere will suggest remedies that put all Christians into one grouping. Moderate Islamists and moderate Christians must speak out against the sly creeping invasive radical fundamentalists of their faith.

  •' Jim Reed says:

    I’m not sure there is an overall context. The writing seems kind of haphazard taken as a whole.

  •' NelsonRobison says:

    Considering that most if not all the gods worshiped in ancient times, whose worship has either died out or been greatly decreased, you are correct in your assertion that any writing about any religion can never stand the test of time. It is I believe an occurrence that is likely to occur again and again until the worship of an invisible deity has become extinct in mankind.

    What is necessary is a new ideal, something based on man’s need for story telling, for looking outside him/her self for answers to the universe and mankind’s existence. With the advent of the internet and other sources of entertainment, mankind must make room for new ideas of gods and goddesses. With that step mankind will eventually grow out of the necessity for any kind of god altogether.

  •' Jim Reed says:

    Maybe it would be possible to show the process of humans worshiping their God always turns that God into a devil, given enough time for the process to take place. That understanding might eventually help humans evolve to a higher state after they have seen it happen often enough.

  •' Stephen54321 says:

    If you think that’s an acceptable proposition ask yourself whether you think it would have been OK for the Nazis to have told the the Jews of Europe the same thing in the 1930s and early 1940s.

    Or for that ,matter the KKK to America’s Blacks.

  •' Stephen54321 says:

    And yet you seem to have no problem supporting Israel’s massacres of Palestinian civilians.

  •' Frank6548 says:

    Conflation of very different issues and situations doesn’t help.

  •' Frank6548 says:

    There is no massacre just the results of war. All Hamas has to do is lay down their arms.

  •' Alan Blanes says:

    This alienation problem that is driving apart Zionists from the liberal progressive groups in the free world could best be corrected if the countries that are not willing to put up with the genocide goals of the 1988 Hamas Charter that explicitely seeks to destroy Jews, Christians and secularists, were to band together and make clear that these goals will not be tolerated.

    This could best be achieved if countries that have faced the goals of Hamas – Egypt, Jordan, Japan and Canada, with a few others in the sympathizer catagory – should be setting up a Special Force and occupying Gaza under the UN Duty to Protect. Hamas executes people for merely speculating that there may be a case to be made for negotiating with Israel. Such a brutal and destructive organization needs to be cancelled, and given no role in negotiations.

    If Gaza became an administered region under a UN mandate, it could be possible for Gaza to be an place where the UNESCO Culture of Peace Initiative – that the General Assembly spent a lot of time and effort on developing in the 1990s – would be used for social and political development. When Gaza develops an ability to work on real negotiation methods, and can achieve a working relationship with Egypt and Israel, the lives of Gazans can begin to get on to a path of livability. So long as the lives of people in Gaza are hamstrung by the unacceptable mission of Hamas, there can be no real fairness to the people of Gaza.

  •' Jim Reed says:

    Unless the people of Palestine elect them, then you have to deal with them. You can’t just exterminate the entire country.

  •' finnja says:

    Interestingly, Palestinean Christians in Gaza are bombed by Israel but not destroyed or even threatened by Hamas. How come?

  • GMG248 says:

    The British said the same things to those “terrorists” fighting for independence. America said the same things to Native Americans – just lay down your arms. You can trust us.

  • GMG248 says:

    One mistake Americans make about this reality is that they are not informed about the internal war among the disparate Jewish populations of Israel over just what makes Israel a Jewish State. Secular and religious forces are always at one another’s throat. They are as divided as America in their visions for the nation. I lived in the West Bank for 5 years. I came to see that Jewish Israelis (some Israelis are Arab) need a state of constant war to unify the nation around a struggle with an external enemy. War is the great political unifier for Israel. A constant state of “justified” war provides the ability to escape the accusations of being inhumane. “See”, Israelis can say, “These Palestinians deserve be treated like animals. Its all their fault. Our hands are clean.” Frequent wars with Palestinians allow apartheid to be justified before the world community. Hamas is the best thing that happened to serve these needs. Here is the problem: If the goal is a creation of a larger Israel that includes the West Bank then there is no way to remain Jewish and democratic. To remain a “democratic” and Jewish state that does not practice apartheid Israel must eliminate or significantly shrink non-Jewish populations within those borders. This is often done by forcing Palestinians to emigrate or by other means. The best way for Americans to understand what is going on is to face up to what happened to Native American populations as a “Christian” nation was created on their land. We demonized them in our drive to steal from and eliminate them. This salved our collective conscience. The established Israeli narrative is this: There will never be two states here and we will always do what we have to do to assure that the Palestinians get the blame for this reality. It is a political and religious ruse that most Americans gladly buy into. The Palestinians, in the meantime, are aware that they are likely to be trapped in this situation for eternity or until they no longer exist. Do we think we would just roll over and die if we were in their shoes? A new Palestinian holocaust will not atone for the Jewish holocaust. It will not be the basis for a lasting and viable Israeli state.

  •' Jim Reed says:

    That helps clarify things. It is like us expanding into native American lands. Ultimately we took about 99%, and left them the rest. But we made a mistake and accidentally gave them some valuable land, so we had to take a little of theirs back, and that meant we had to go to all the political work to make it be their fault.

  • GMG248 says:

    I am glad you got my point. The most valuable resource the Palestinians have is the water that collects in massive aquifers in the West Bank during the winter rainy season. Israel keeps taking the best land from the Arabs and has absolute control over this resource. Guess where most of this water goes? In some places Palestinian water supplies are cut off for the summer while Israelis water their grass.

  •' Frank6548 says:

    The present is what relevant here. Those past incidents have no relevance in this situation.

    Hamas as absolute power to stop the killing. Its a shame they won’t.

  • Thanks for the question finnja – All I could suggest about Hamas not persecuting Christians to a high level, could only mean that they are getting slack on enforcement of their vicious1988 Covenant: [Condensed version of this document that needs to be put out into wider public discussion]

    They are smitten with vileness wheresoever they are found; unless they obtain security by entering into a treaty with Allah, and a treaty with men; and they draw on themselves indignation from Allah, and they are afflicted with poverty. This they suffer, because they disbelieved the signs of Allah, and slew the prophets unjustly; this, because they were rebellious, and transgressed.” (Al-Imran – verses109-111).

    Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as
    it obliterated others before it” (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of
    blessed memory)…

    …Moreover, if the links have been distant
    from each other and if obstacles, placed by those who are the lackeys of
    Zionism in the way of the fighters obstructed the continuation of the struggle,
    the Islamic Resistance Movement aspires to the realisation of Allah’s promise,
    no matter how long that should take. The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said:

    “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing theJews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.” (related by al-Bukhari and Moslem).

    The Slogan of the
    Islamic Resistance Movement:

    Article Eight:

    Allah is its target, the Prophet is its model, the Koran its constitution: Jihad is
    its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes…

    … Peaceful Solutions,
    Initiatives and International Conferences:

    Article Thirteen:

    Initiatives, and so-called peaceful
    solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles
    of the Islamic Resistance Movement. Abusing any part of Palestine is abuse
    directed against part of religion. Nationalism of the Islamic Resistance
    Movement is part of its religion. Its members have been fed on that. For the
    sake of hoisting the banner of Allah over their homeland they fight.
    “Allah will be prominent, but most people do not know.”

    Now and then the call goes out for the convening of an international conference to look for ways of solving the (Palestinian) question. Some accept, others reject the idea, for this or other reason, with one stipulation or more for consent to convening the conference and participating in it. Knowing the parties constituting the conference, their past and present attitudes towards Moslem problems, the Islamic Resistance Movement does not consider these conferences capable of realizing the demands, restoring the rights or doing justice to the oppressed. These conferences are only ways of setting the infidels in the land of the Moslems as arbitraters.

    When did the infidels do justice to the believers?

    “But the Jews will not be pleased with thee, neither the Christians, until thou
    follow their religion; say, The direction of Allah is the true direction. And
    verily if thou follow their desires, after the knowledge which hath been given
    thee, thou shalt find no patron or protector against Allah.” (The Cow –
    verse 120).

    There is no solution for the Palestinian
    question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international
    conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors. The Palestinian people
    know better than to consent to having their future, rights and fate toyed with.
    As in said in the honourable Hadith:

    “The people of Syria are Allah’s lash in His land. He wreaks His vengeance through them against whomsoever He wishes among His slaves It is unthinkable that those who are double-faced among them should prosper over the faithful. They will certainly die out of grief and desperation.”…

    …The Role of the Moslem Woman:

    Article Seventeen:

    The Moslem woman has a role no less important
    than that of the moslem man in the battle of liberation. She is the maker of
    men. Her role in guiding and educating the new generations is great. The
    enemies have realised the importance of her role. They consider that if they
    are able to direct and bring her up they way they wish, far from Islam, they
    would have won the battle. That is why you find them giving these attempts
    constant attention through information campaigns, films, and the school
    curriculum, using for that purpose their lackeys who are infiltrated through
    Zionist organizations under various names and shapes, such as Freemasons,
    Rotary Clubs, espionage groups and others, which are all nothing more than
    cells of subversion and saboteurs. These organizations have ample resources
    that enable them to play their role in societies for the purpose of achieving
    the Zionist targets and to deepen the concepts that would serve the enemy.
    These organizations operate in the absence of Islam and its estrangement among
    its people. The Islamic peoples should perform their role in confronting the
    conspiracies of these saboteurs. The day Islam is in control of guiding the
    affairs of life, these organizations, hostile to humanity and Islam, will be

    ….Secularism completely contradicts
    religious ideology. Attitudes, conduct and decisions stem from ideologies.

    That is why, with all our appreciation
    for The Palestinian Liberation Organization – and what it can develop into – and
    without belittling its role in the Arab-Israeli conflict, we are unable to
    exchange the present or future Islamic Palestine with the secular idea. The
    Islamic nature of Palestine is part of our religion and whoever takes his
    religion lightly is a loser.

    “Who will be adverse to the religion of Abraham, but he whose mind is infatuated?
    (The Cow – verse 130).

    The day The Palestinian Liberation Organization adopts Islam as its way of life, we will become its soldiers, and fuel for its fire that will burn the enemies…

    … Leaving the circle of struggle with
    Zionism is high treason, and cursed be he who does that. “for whoso shall
    turn his back unto them on that day, unless he turneth aside to fight, or
    retreateth to another party of the faithful, shall draw on himself the
    indignation of Allah, and his abode shall be hell; an ill journey shall it be
    thither.” (The Spoils – verse 16). There is no way out except by
    concentrating all powers and energies to face this Nazi, vicious Tatar
    invasion. The alternative is loss of one’s country, the dispersion of citizens,
    the spread of vice on earth and the destruction of religious values. Let every
    person know that he is responsible before Allah, for “the doer of the
    slightest good deed is rewarded in like, and the does of the slightest evil
    deed is also rewarded in like.”

    The Islamic Resistance Movement consider
    itself to be the spearhead of the circle of struggle with world Zionism and a
    step on the road. The Movement adds its efforts to the efforts of all those who
    are active in the Palestinian arena. Arab and Islamic Peoples should augment by
    further steps on their part; Islamic groupings all over the Arab world should
    also do the same, since all of these are the best-equipped for the future role
    in the fight with the warmongering Jews.

  • GMG248 says:

    Is this an invitation to immigrate to America?

  • GMG248 says:


  • GMG248 says:

    Frank. Simplistic but irrelevant view of the human reality. Just curious. Do you own weapons?

  •' Frank6548 says:

    We have enoughfools here already.

  •' Frank6548 says:

    Aww how cute.

  • GMG248 says:

    Oh, I think there is room for one more In the events that led up to this current lop-sided war some subhuman characters murdered some beautiful young Israelis. It is presumed they were Hamas. But what happened next is also telling. Some Israelis made a beautiful young innocent Arab boy drink gasoline. They then drenched him with gas and then they set him on fire – alive – to burn inside and out. I don’t see how anyone can assume that morality or immorality belongs to one group alone. Let us be honest about the common human penchant for the atrocious. Attributing this conflagration to one people only is not true to the history of the “human” race.

  •' Frank6548 says:

    I have not once doubted the corruption of humanity, hence the desperate need for Christ.

    Israel is the oppressed nation and people. Surrounded by governments and other factions whose desire is to see Israel exterminated. Those speaking of extermination must surrender and denounce or be deposed. The Palestinian people should democratically elect a new government. If they can agree to leave Israel alone, then there will be peace. It’s in Hamas’ court.

    Then it’s going to take real leadership to negotiate the territories, borders and restrictions. But first both sides must feel secure from violence.

  •' Dianne Varga says:

    Give us a break, Blanes. Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal has repeatedly
    said (as did Ismail Haniyeh before him) that his government is willing
    to accept a Palestinian state based on borders as they existed prior to
    the 1967 war. I’ve located reliable sources indicating this was
    Mashaal’s stance each year since he took power in 2004, with one
    exception. At an exuberant 2012 rally on his first visit to Gaza City
    in 45 years, he was quoted as saying, “Palestine from the river to the
    sea, from the north to the south, is our land and we will never give up
    one inch.” However, in 2013, he’d sobered up and was back to promoting a
    two-state solution based on 1967 borders. In a CBS interview about two
    weeks ago, Mashaal reiterated that Hamas was willing to have a state of
    Palestine coexist with a state of Israel. He repeatedly said
    coexistence as nations was what he wanted. He said it was his position
    that coexistence was possible with Jews, with Christians, with Arabs,
    with non-Arabs, with those who agree with him and those who disagree
    with him, but coexistence with occupiers and settlers was not.

    what is it that you don’t understand about current Hamas leadership
    having no genocidal goals? Why are you so interested in smearing Hamas
    all over the internet, as well as in our hometown newspapers? It’s
    because you’re a Zionist, isn’t it, and what you really want is
    Palestine for the Israelis. You’ve said so: “I do not feel that Jewish authority in Palestine is an intolerable
    idea. Who would you rather live by, a bunch of Sharia fanatics, or the
    civilized and rational norms of Israeli society? If Palestinians can get
    used to the idea that Jewish control of the political governance is
    here to stay, then it will be possible to join in democratic
    development.” So what works for you,
    what you really require, is the black and white schema of Hamas as
    uncivilized murderous dogs and Israelis as civilization personified in
    order to justify permanent occupation.

  •' Alan Blanes says:

    What I understand is wilful deliberate naivete when I see it. If Maachel were to be in the slightest bit a candidate for negotiations, he would have repudiated the annihilation goals in the 1988 Hamas Charter. The fact that he does not, disqualifies him from being considered a potential problem solver on the matter of Gaza.

    The world has let down the process of setting a realistic terms of reference to achieve negotiations between Gazans and the rest of the civilized world. The fact that even you – someone whom I generally regard as an astute investigator, made the statement a week ago, that there is no such thing as the Manifesto 2000 Declaration, shows the dereliction of duty that the major powers have exhibited in letting down the work of UNESCO in the 1990s. This set of 6 principles drafter by a crew of Nobel Peace Prize laureates – constitute the habits that need to be internalized in the human race in order for tools to be developed to replace the culture of war with a culture of peace. The fact that this goal has been allowed to be forgotten is truly an international tragedy.

  •' Alan Blanes says:

    When Britain and the League of Nations decided on replacing British administration with local governance of the Transjordan region in 1922, they very fairly decided 77% for the Arabs and 23% for the Jews. If the Arabs were willing to be rational, they could have worked out an sensible deal. Instead, several of them said ‘all or nothing’. This was not wise. Israel cannot be expected to clean up for foolish and irrational actions by the Arab side over the past 9 decades. Fortunately countries like Jordan and Egypt have learned that Israel is an excellent neighbour and they are gradually benefitting from this relationship. Unfortunately the Islamic Jihad barbarians are not on this wavelength, and there needs to be a UN Special Force under the Duty to Protect set up to replace Hamas as the authority in Gaza. This will enable Gaza to develop the capacity to make deals.

  •' Jim Reed says:

    I thought both sides wanted more. It might depend on who writes the history.

  •' ednastvincent says:

    This point of view has already come to American Jews and is already firmly in place among ChaBaD and the modern Orthodox right. As it happens, though, they don’t represent most American Jews (at all). Most American Jews love Israel, but not in a way that inspires them to do things like pay attention to which parties are part of the current government or to vote Republican. It’s easy to continue supporting both the Israeli government and peace and democracy (in a vague, non-committed sort of way) when the visible alternatives in the Middle East (theocracy, oligarchy, chaos and bloodletting) are so unappealing.

    Our job as American Jews is to hold onto our values, which are firmly liberal, pluralist, and democratic and to accept that Israelis will not always listen to us or agree with us. We may not be able to drag them further to the left, but there is no need for them to drag us further to the right. An American Jew who supports racism or anti-Muslim bias knows very well he is shooting himself in the foot. The question is not how many people attended the pro-Israel rally but rather how many people stayed home.

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