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Two people on a podium with a board that reads "Project 2025 kills democracy"

Project 2025: How Trump Loyalists and Right-Wing Leaders Are Paving a Fast Road to Fascism

…heric Administration;[70] phasing out Title I funding for schools in low-income communities;[71] eliminating Head Start;[72] and ending Medicare’s ability to negotiate lower prescription drug prices.[73] Project 2025 leaders are not shy about the transformative impact they seek. At a September 2023 gathering held by the far-right America First Policy Institute, former Trump adviser and Institute president Brooke Rollins celebrated the “revolutiona…

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10 Pro-LGBT #ChristiansVote Tweets From Anti-Gay, Pro-Trump Hashtag Hijack

…tps:// 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)  …

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Trump Admin Grant to ‘Hookers for Jesus’ Ignites Twitter Firestorm Over Taxpayer Funded Religious Coercion

…holic Charities in Palm Beach has participated in past Democratic National Committees as a delegate or standing committee member. Meanwhile, Hookers for Jesus and the Lincoln Tubman Foundation have right-wing Christian bona fides in spades. The latter’s founder is the daughter of a 2016 primary election Trump delegate. But what blew up into one of Twitter’s top trends Monday night was the offensively named Hookers for Jesus, founded by born-again…

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11 Election Tweets to Amuse, Infuriate, Enlighten, and Amuse You

…t that his leads began to “magically disappear” overnight: 7. Ouch: 8. Gomer Pyle with the low-information leadership: 9. Yeah, okay… 10. I guess this is why?…

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The 11 Best #RealClergyBios Tweets


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Busy Days For ‘eBay of Prophecy’

…r Mesko reported that Obama named Henry Rivera, former head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) “to run the team that will select the next [FCC] chairman. Mesko, maintaining that Rivera “is a longtime proponent of the so-called Fairness Doctrine,” reported that “Ashley Horne, federal policy analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said the Fairness Doctrine would force stations to stop addressing important policy issues”: “A Christian ra…

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Encyclileaks: Was the ‘Laudato Si’ Leak a Sin or Just a Scoop?

…ose questions, sometimes live from the Vatican press room: Aside f…

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Evangelical Prof’s ‘Biblical Comma’ Tweet Exposes Paradox of ‘Respectable’ Evangelical Anti-Intellectualism

…lege, approached the question from a somewhat different angle. “Strachan’s comments on ‘biblical commas’ are easily debunked. There is no historical case for them,” Onishi began, adding, “The deeper question is what such rhetoric does for him and other biblical literalists.” Noting that Strachan is a staunch advocate of the misogynistic doctrine of “complementarianism,” which holds that God created men and women for different roles and that it’s n…

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Is Proselytizing Ever Okay? Are We All Proselytizing All The Time?

…ich means the ordinary rules for evidence are not in play. A related issue that evangelical-turned-humanist Bart Campolo and I have argued about on his HumanizeMe podcast is whether it’s ethical to form relationships with other people on the basis of hoping to change them—an example of which is the manipulative evangelical p…

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